About UCCM

The United Community Church of Morrisville is a small but mighty faith community in the heart of beautiful Morrisville, Vermont. We welcome all people, and we strive to serve the children, youth, and families of every kind in our community and beyond.

Our mission statement is: We are an inclusive faith community guided by the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Through ministry, prayer, and service, we strive to serve and support the humanitarian and spiritual needs of our communities.

The best way to get to know United Community Church is to meet the people of the congregation, and pray, study, serve, or worship together to see if you feel nurtured, connected, and invited to give back in this community. We hope you will!

Until we meet, please explore our Facebook page and this website, where you can learn more about our minister and staff, what to expect when you visit, our church’s history, and what we believe. Or you can contact us and let us know how we can reach out to you.