Rededicating the Puffer UMC cross, now on the exterior of the United Community Church of Morrisville building, as the two congregations form a new church

The United Community Church of Morrisville is a new congregation, formed in 2017 by the union of two churches with deep roots in the Morrisville community: the First Congregational Church in Morrisville (United Church of Christ), and Puffer United Methodist Church. We are still becoming who God is calling us to be together!

The decision to join our worship and mission together came through a long period of conversation and prayer, and the recognition of our shared commitment to the Morrisville community and beyond. You can read about our coming together in this article.

Now more than ever, it is important for people of faith to be grounded in God’s love, connected to community, and finding ways to be church (even while not physically present together) in ways that serve our community and help us make meaning of our lives. We are co-creating the church of tomorrow, which grows out of the strong roots of the past.

First Congregational Church in Morrisville (United Church of Christ)

On July 15, 1807, 13 people in Morristown Corners united in church covenant and formed the First Congregational Church. First Congregational is the oldest church organization in Morristown, and its congregation met in many buildings on several sites over the years. 

The current site was chosen in 1839 and a church building was erected.  That building was remodeled in 1857 and again in 1875.  The pipe organ was added in 1885. It was enlarged and renovated as it now stands in 1897 in the Gothic Revival style.  The east wing, as it is known, was added in 1948 and changes to the sanctuary were made in 1957. 

This congregation voted to be part of the merger of the General Council of Congregational Churches in 1932.  It voted to become a congregation of the United Church of Christ in 1961.

Puffer United Methodist Church

Puffer UMC’s history in Morristown goes back over 200 years. The society first formed in Morristown Corners and moved to its Upper Main St. site in 1874, when a small chapel was constructed. The chapel was moved to the back of the lot in 1888, and a grander sanctuary added to the front of the building, which stood until a new post-modern style building was constructed in 1970.

The new building retained many historical elements from the previous one, including stained glass and the 1200-pound bell.

The formation of the United Community Church of Morrisville in 2017 made possible the current educational use of the former Puffer building. The building is now home to a dance school and a child care program.

Interior of the 1888 sanctuary