We warmly welcome you to have your wedding at our church!
We are able to schedule weddings and special services again,
in accordance with state, denominational, and CDC guidelines.

Many people choose us because of the warmth and beauty of our sanctuary with its historic stained glass, 700-pipe historic and well-maintained organ, and woodwork that is rich and inviting.

Here are some FAQs that may aid you as you prepare:

1. Membership at United Community Church of Morrisville is not required to hold your wedding here. Out of state couples are welcome as well as in state couples.

2. We warmly and proudly welcome the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Please see the fee schedule at the bottom of the page. Please note that fees are subject to change with 6 month’s notice, and fees may be waived or reduced under special circumstances and at the pastor’s discretion. No one will be denied the pastoral care of premarital counseling or solemnizing a union for lack of finances.

4. The wedding date should be set at least six weeks in advance to reserve the church and make arrangements with the pastor’s schedule. The church is committed to a date and time for the wedding when confirmed with the pastor and when the fee has been paid for use of the Sanctuary.

5. Planning sessions with the pastor are required, and are essential so that the pastor can get to know you, help plan a ceremony that is unique to you, and assure your wedding day goes smoothly. These sessions are included in the pastor’s fee and scheduled at the convenience of the couple. A variety of wedding ceremony ideas and other resources are available from the pastor.

6. Please bring your marriage license to the pastor at the time of the rehearsal.

7. If you desire a guest minister, she or he must be invited by the pastor of The United Community Church of Morrisville, VT.

8. The Church organist is Shaun Booher, and he can be contracted to provide music at the time the reservation is made. Special arrangements can be made with the approval of the church organist for other musicians to play.

9. Photographers are welcome, but are asked not to distract from the ceremony. Please have your photographer check with the pastor before the ceremony.

10. Decorating the sanctuary is allowable with the following guidelines:

  • Flowers on the altar are a beautiful way to enhance your wedding. However, please do not place flowers on the piano or at the organ.
  • Pew clips are required if you are decorating the pews with flowers or ribbons to avoid damage to the natural and historic wood.
  • We do not allow the throwing of birdseed, rice, or confetti. Rice is harmful to birds and other wildlife. Confetti and birdseed are very difficult to clean up, especially in the case of rain, and they also get tracked into the church. Please find alternate ways for your guests to shower you with love.

11. Wedding receptions may be held in the Vestry/Dining Room; arrangements should be made with the church secretary.

12. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted within the church building or within 25 feet of the doors. Please insist to guests and members of the wedding party that all refrain from being noticeably under the influence at the ceremony, as this is disrespectful both to the church and to your celebration of marriage.

Reserve the church for your wedding in the following way:

Contact Claudia at the church office (802-888-2225) to see if your desired date is available. She or you will need to consult first with our Minister to see her availability, and with the organist if applicable. Payment of the Sanctuary fee will secure your wedding and rehearsal dates on the church calendar.

Fee Schedule:

  • Sanctuary: $300, payable by check to the church, due at the time of reserving the wedding and rehearsal dates. All other fees are due at least one week prior to the wedding.
  • Pastor: $150-200 as standard (including planning sessions, rehearsal, and ceremony), but Pastor Becca offers a sliding scale based on the size of your wedding and any special circumstances. Pastor’s fee or donation is paid directly to her.
  • Organist: $125, paid directly to him. Our church office will give you his contact information.
  • Janitor: $50, payable as a separate check to the church.
  • Dining Room and Kitchen for reception: will be discussed at the time of reserving the space.