Sunday School

While we were not meeting in person for worship, our Christian Education volunteers prepared materials and projects for families to do together as Sunday School from home. Please let us know via the office (802-888-2225; if you would like materials sent to you!

When worship is in person and during the school year, our Sunday School includes instruction for children age 3 through middle school, in a “one room” model.  We provide childcare for children under 3 years of age in our nursery.  Our high school youth either help in Sunday School, help our adults provide childcare, or remain in the sanctuary during Sunday worship. We practice “safe church,” which means that  two persons are always available to the children in the classes and childcare.

When we are able, we also encourage the children and youth to help plan worship or special Sundays, and be involved in Christmas pageants and other special events. You can view past Children’s Sunday pictures here.

(Please note: We *do* have children and youth affiliated with our church, but the limited photos we post of them online are small, do not show faces, and/or are intentionally out of date. Protecting the privacy and internet safety of our young folks is one of many ways we support children, youth, and families.)