Holiday Services

Holy Week & Easter

Holy Week and Easter 2021 were a time of exploring faith together in virtual and limited in-person ways. Were were able to offer a virtual service of Tenebrae (recognizing the gathering darkness) for Holy Thursday, and a pre-recording Cantata on Good Friday. You can find recordings of these services on the video tab of our Facebook page.

During the Easter Season, we explored the power of faith and hope to help us “Dare to Dance Again,” much like Gene Kelly singing and dancing despite the rain.


This Lent (season leading up to Easter), our services focused on healing, and called to mind beach glass– something that is broken and undergoes turmoil, but emerges precious and beautiful.

Each week, we also heard from different guest preachers who are used this same series of texts and the metaphor of beach glass. Taking advantage of the virtual worship format, we were able to connect with other churches and other worship leaders, to be blessed by a richer diversity of voices and perspectives. Each piece is beautiful and needed!

Advent and Christmas

This year, the Advent and Christmas season certainly looked different, but the timeless message is the same: God loves us, and comes to be present with us. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we proclaim our faith in hope, in love, in joy, and in peace, even and especially when these are hard to find.

Our worship services this Advent centered on the powerful song “I Believe, Even When…” by Mark A. Miller. The words are simple: I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining; I believe in love even when I don’t feel it; I believe in God even when God is silent. How are we holding on to our faith, especially in these challenging circumstances?

Christmas Eve and the First Sunday of Christmas, we remembered that God enters our lives where we need God most, and we are called to take action in service to others, as we are bearers of God’s love to others.